About us

In the early days, members of the Methodist Church from 16 provinces in mainland China came to Taiwan with the government migration. They scattered in Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan. In Taipei, some members gathered at the Taipei Mandarin Church, which locate at the Jinan Presbyterian Church, with about twenty church members attending. They also gathered at the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Zhongshan church and the Xuchang Street YMCA.

In early 1952, Bishop Ralph A. Ward, together with Bishop Richard Raines and Dr. E. Pearce Hayes, visited Taiwan to explore the possibility of the Methodist Church’s missionary work in Taiwan. After returning to the United States, they immediately recommended to the General Conference to actively seek missionary work in Taiwan.

In January 1953, Bishop Ward, Rev. Edward K. Knettler, and Rev. Wei-ping Chen held a reception at the Friends of China Club in Taipei to welcome the work of opening up new churches. The worship was held at the pastoral residence of Rev. Knettler at No. 21, Lane 40, Section 2, Ren’ai Road, Taipei City. Until the date of March 8th, worship was held in a classroom on the third floor of the Law School of Soochow University at No. 15 Hankou Street. On June 21st, Taipei Wesley Church was established with 92 members under the leadership of Rev. Knettler and his wife, and with the assistance of Brother Tsu-che Liu. The Women’s Service Association, Youth Fellowship, and Young Adult Fellowship were also established later.

In August 1954, Taipei Wesley Church moved to a newly aluminum roofing building at No. 113, Section 1, Xinsheng South Road for services. In 1955, Taipei Water of Life Clinic was established next to Taipei Wesley Church, and Dr. Edward C. Perkins began medical missionary work. In 1956, an English worship service was established at 8:30 am on Sundays, followed by a Mandarin service at 10 am and a Sunday evening service at 7:30 pm. Children’s Sunday school and Mandarin worship were held simultaneously at 10 am.

In 1956, the General Conference of the Methodist Church recognized and approved the establishment of the first Hong Kong-Taiwan Provisional Annual Conference on October 6th in Hong Kong with 11 pastor members, with Bishop Ward as the first bishop and Rev. Knettler as the Taiwan district superintendent. On October 19th, 1958, the new church building of Taipei Wesley Church was completed and dedicated under the leadership of Bishop Ward.

Since then, Taipei Wesley Church has been carrying out worship services, spiritual growth, caring, justice, missionary work, and education in Taiwan. The kingdom of God is being established through Taipei Wesleyan Church in this land.